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    Default About to take the plunge - my story

    Hi everyone

    I am about to take the plunge and get a hair transplant, but before I did so I thought I would share my story and ask a few questions. Your comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    For a bit of background, I first noticed that I was starting to bald at around 22/23. I was devastated. Literally, it would keep my up at night cursing my luck (and follicles) and asking "why me!?". I hoped that if I ignored it, it would go away. As you all know, that doesn't work! I lived with the gradual loss for 4 or so years, using regaine twice a day to try to delay it until I decided to do something about it.

    I joined this forum 6 years ago, when I was considering getting a transplant at the age of 26. At the time I met with Dr Farjo (who based on my research was one of the best surgeons in the UK). I met with him and he actually recommend that I hold off on the surgery, and recommended I supplemented the regaine treatment with propecia and that would give me a decent result for the foreseeable future. I did so and was pretty pleased with the results, but I have now decided that the time has come to go for a transplant. I have been off and on the propecia for the last 6 years and I do not like the idea of being on medication for a sustained period (although I am pleased to report I have suffered no adverse side effects).

    In terms of my level of baldness I am somewhere between a 3A and a 4A on the norwood scale. For those of you who are football (soccer) fans, the most similar celebrity example is Steve McClaren - a tuft at the front and zone A is bald (or fluffy) due to the regaine use.

    I have more or less decided to go ahead with a transplant with DHI in London. I have had the consultation and am pretty pleased with what they are saying. They are recommending 3000-3500 grafts at a cost of £6.5k. This would be via DHI's twist on FUE (basically the same but as FUE but they use an implanting tool). The main reason I am attracted to DHI is that they do not require me to shave my head, which is a huge selling point to me. They have told me that they expect to see a destiny of c70-80% of my original hair, which I am pleased with. I think the surgeons name is Alexandros Kostopoulos, but I am double checking this at the moment.

    However, I do have reservations. Primarily, there are a number of negative comments on forums. Many of these seems to be from a few years ago, and none relating to the London clinic. My understanding from DHI is that they carry out c.20 procedures a week, so I am slightly confused as to why there isn't more positive or negative press about them. They have had a few celebrity endorsements, and some press in the UK papers, but I certainly take that with a large pinch of salt.

    So please if anyone has anything positive or negative to share please do so! I am only interested in the level of results. There is a lot written about how they are misleading about the technique etc etc (so far they seem to have been pretty upfront with me), but I couldn't care less provided that the end result is a good one.


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    Default Dhi


    I just wondered if you went through with this? Did you get Alex and what was your experience / results?



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    Ive not heard of DHI or the surgeon mentioned however the price seems pretty cheap. Is this one of the reasons you have gone with them?

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