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    IMO, it's not normal. But if you get those effects, then don't take it.

    BTW, proscar and propecia are just brand names, they are both finasteride. So the propecia will give you the same effects as the proscar (I personally cut my proscar into 6 or 8 pieces and take one piece each day)

    I have a theory as to why finasteride can do this to some people and not others. I have a fairly high meat/fat/cholesterol diet, so my body has no problems producing testosterone on the fly everyday. But I speculate that if you have a low cholesterol diet, then you need the DHT, because stays around a lot longer than the testosterone.

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    ^ The diet is EVERYTHING. For training and for general health. I used to work in a job where I was sitting all the time and that is terrible for your health. I now move around a lot more and notice I am getting really fit really quickly and I have actually cut the cholesterol and fats along with a significant reduction in red meats while adding a significant amount of veggies and fruits to the diet. My energy levels are higher than they have been but unfortunately the hairloss as a result of lifting weights has accelerated.

    I'd like to know if you took Fin (Proscar) in quarters (1.25's) before cutting them into smaller pieces. Once I took the 1.25's within two weeks it was unreal to see the shrinkage.

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    I'm actually a natural bodybuilder, I ran a cycle of testostone and Decca durabolin years ago but it did my hair no good, so I've never touched AAS since. It's a fact lifting weights rises Test and DHT levels but not near enough to over run finasteride! If any thing it's only going to do your body good to boost the free T levels! I'm only 22 if anybody is wondering, I've been in the gym since 15! Bodybuilding since 18! imo fin and weight lifting are actually a great mix, it's only going to rise t levels, DHT will be getting blocked despite if you lift or not, I know this due to people running high dosage AAS that are strong DHT derogatives and they're results aren't as great if they're running fin!

    Unless you're adding a DHT related compound into the body you'll be fine, stay away from anything that rises DHT if you wanna keep your hair, it's shit really because DHT is 3x as potent as testosterone and it really adds muscle, strength, vascularaity etc.. This is why fin causes bloating, water retention the complete opposite basically, sucks.. But my hairs is equally as important to me

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