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    Oh GOOD!

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    I know how devestating hairloss can be at a young age, however thinking your transplant could last you 14 years is wishful thinking. You mentioned your dad is completely bald, I am assuming he's norwood 6, this is likely where you'll end up, the age is uncertain as of now, it is very likely you will end up this stage by age 30, currently your only problem is the hairline which is every young guys problem, but once you address the hairline and the midscalp and crown starts to go you have a dilemma, you'll have to get another transplant, then you'll be caught in a game of catch up with hair loss, this is not the way you should embark on a hair restoration journey, you want a master plan, you want to have a procedure to treat todays problems whilst addressing tomorrows as well.

    At this point there is no way for you to have an appropriate master plan because you just don't know where hair loss will take you, I tell you this from experience, when I was your age I was a Norwood II by age 29 it was all gone.

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    Thanks for the reply HTsoon

    I've been on finasteride for 10 months now so I'm thinking that I'll will see how I'm at when I hit the 2 year mark and go from there before actually getting a transplant, by that point I'll be 22/23.

    I realise that I'll most likely need more than one transplant regardless as to whether I have it now or in 10 years time if I am to be like my dad, so in my opinion i would rather get it whilst I still have the majority of my hair and maintain it with the fin I am taking rather than waiting it out!

    Still much more to think about though, long road ahead, but looking a lot more positive now than last year before finasteride!

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    IMO if you are going to be a Norwood 6 or so, best thing to do is just shave it all off. Accept the fact that you are bald and move on, chasing hair with that much hair loss wont work.

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