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    Default Balding is so acceptable nowadays., re-consider going down the fake hair route.

    Hello Guys,

    Just thought I would post a little of my story.

    been wearing for almost 25 years, initially got hairpiece in my twenties, paid $300 but then discovered through luck as they supplied to wholesale such as hairdressers as well I could have bought it for $70. As a relative a hairdresser no problem started buying them at wholesale down through the years.

    The first one wasn't a great cut, but over the years I learned to do it myself. No easy job as they were usually a bit thick to start off with and too puffy looking, took 2-3 months to settle down.

    Anyways I did like wearing a piece but at times was very conscious of being busted as well, did happen a few times. To be honest guys, I think it is very difficult to match up texture and style of a piece to your own hair (I started off with 50% human 50% synthetic but gradually preferred the synthetic because of no no color fade) and it really does look like human hair. I started with a piece but ended up wearing a three quarter cap

    As stated unless you are getting a custom piece and matching the colour and density to your own hair exactly, it is very difficult to get an exact match. And if you get an exact match of density, chances are a few months down the road it will have shed and your piece will look as if its balding. I have yet to see convincing pictures of pieces that I have looked at on other sites, where it was impossible to tell where the piece ended and your own hair began, the Join in other words.

    Even with fair prices with pieces it takes quite a bit of money to keep the whole thing going year after year.

    I started noticing about 5 years ago that the bald style was getting very common the shaved look as well if you want to go down that route (I have no hesitation in calling it a style) and I started to reconsider going down that route.

    But of course I had been wearing so long, To be honest I was beginning to hate the whole dammed fake hair and routine keeping it maintained and the cost involved as well, and not alone that as the bald style was really acceptable, I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue.

    Imagine a party a lot of people present, One bald guy, one wearing a piece, is anyone more likely to say "look at that bald guy" or "look at the guy who I think might be wearing a wig" (And believe me they will call it a wig, not a polite hair replacement unit as the hair companies prefer us to call it)

    I think if someone says "look at that bald guy" people will say" what the hell are you on, talking about he's normal" whereas if its a piece a good few will say "where point him out to me"

    Anyways I was very reluctant to stop wearing the piece, then about three years ago as I needed a new piece, and I had a more active lifestyle, I decided to go for it, just took it off and went out as normal though very self conscious at first.

    Some people were surprised but after a while took no more notice.

    I know this was the right thing for me to do, but everyone is different and do what you want to do to make yourself happy, but be aware that once you start it isn't easy to stop, the hair companies know that you are probably vulnerable in this way (as I was) and will give you all the fancy names under the sun, such as hair replacement unit (they don't want you to call it a wig, but that is what most members of the public will call it) and the fancy name for bases as well.

    Look around you the next time you go out, baldness has indeed evolved into a style, granted most men including myself would probably prefer having natural hair, but in my humble opinion it's very difficult to achieve a totally natural look with a piece.

    But if that is the route you want to go down and you think it will make you happy then by all means do it.

    Just some more info that you might consider.

    best of luck Guys.


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    Good points. Definitely think you're right about the shaved look being accepted. Yes real hair would be nice but shaved is a decent look too.

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