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    thank you, i discovered your show and blog through the rep for Hasson and Wong
    i appreciate your input

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    My pleasure.
    Joe Tillman
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    Check out Dr. Paul McAndrews in Pasadena. I've had 4 transplants with him and have nothing but the most positive things to say about my overall experience. He will most likely recommend strip but does offer FUE as an option.

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    You may wanna check out Dr. Mohebi as well, if you haven't already. He's in LA and I personally think he's top of the line. I had my HT with him about 2 years ago and couldn't be happier. You can also see his actual surgeries on his Snapchat (@drparsamohebi) if you're interested in getting a look behind the scenes. I know a lot of guys have found that to be a useful tool.

    Regardless, the fact that you're doing your research and keeping your options open is an extremely positive sign. With the amount of time and effort you're putting in on the front end to ensure you choose the surgeon that's right for you, I'm confident you're on the right path. Best of luck!

    I am a patient advocate for Dr. Parsa Mohebi in Los Angeles, CA. My opinions/comments are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Dr. Mohebi and his staff.

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    Dr. Dauer was very informative really nice guy, nice modern office and very clean.
    I also had a second appointment with AlviArmani to meet the surgeon
    i have to say anyone investigating a hair transplant or cosmetic surgeon, you need to sit with the surgeon, i think it says something about the experience when you make an initial appointment and only the sales person meets with you.
    Kind of feels like you are buying a car, this is surgery, of those that i met with a sales person i made a second appointment to meet with the surgeon.
    AlviArmani has some of the best photos and videos, they only do FUE. During my second visit i got to meet the surgeon Dr. Baubec, very informative and professional, but i am skeptical of this place as i never see anything posted regarding their Beverly Hills office. I discredit the information of the original Canadian office but wonder why Dr. Baubec does not distance himself by opening a practice under a new name.
    Dr. Dauer has convinced me as other doctors recommended to do the FUT procedure. A dense natural looking hairline is my main concern on my list to meet with
    Dr. Mohebi
    Dr. Feller
    Dr. Shapiro
    Dr. Rahal

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeTillman View Post
    I really appreciate your post but I need to be clear. I'm not saying Dr. Baubec is ok because I do not know one way or the other. I simply wanted to point out the logic in how one should view him, his clinic, and the actions of the former medical director in the Canadian office. From a distance, he looks good as a standalone doctor, but for me it doesn't go any further than that because I have no experience with the man short of a few pleasant personal notes. I hope this is clear and thank you again for your comments
    Sorry about that Joe, I misread your post. I think it makes sense for a person to first decide which procedure is best for their particular case and then focus on finding the most experienced and skilled at that procedure. If it's manual FUE find someone who really does a lot of FUE, I think that is becoming more rare according to what Spencer and Joe have said on TBT. If strip, research the very best strip doctors. If it's artas FUE, make sure the doctor really has experience using it and speak to patients who had it done and I think in this case that it is 100% necessary that the doctor is an IAHRS surgeon since they are going to be the most overall experienced so if they use the robot at least they know what they a doing. I would also be very wary of doctors who are offering other cosmetic procedures. Go to someone who only does hair. If they are doing liposuction, laser skin rejuvenation, botox and in my opinion even scalp pigmentation unless the surgeon has a really well respected reputation, I would avoid these clinics.

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    I think Dr. Mohebi does good work, he has a Snapchat if you follow him he shows himself doing the critical aspects of the procedure like scoring the FUE grafts and creating the recipient sites. Dr. Ziering is on plastic surgeon TV show, it looks like he runs an operation similar to Bosley, do your research that's all im going to say. Alvi Armani used to be the rage when I began researching hair restoration 10 years ago, he used to be in Canada, it seems he also runs his operation like Bosley.

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    Default So Did You Pick One?

    Interesting thread. Can you tell us your final choice and results?

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