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    Default Homemade SMP

    I believe that SMP industry right now want too much money and they are not give us the best because they work too fast .

    I want to try a homemade SMP,
    first of all i will use a semi-permanent ink from Biotouch

    The inks are cheap, like 20$ - 40$

    Then i can use the smaller needles out there, Acupuncture Needles at just 0.18 mm

    their price just 8$


    What do you guys think about this?? Someone may say that needles are not a good solution and have a risk, still someone can buy a permanent makeup machine.

    All SMP clinics out there use the same inks, its inks from semi-permanent make up and fade after 3 years but dont change color.
    0.18 mm is the perfect needle to look like a hair follicle.

    The only risk is the needles, your thoughts ???

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    I'm hoping this is a spoof. I have never heard of anything so half-witted. SMP is a questionable product even in the hands of professionals. I dread to think what sort of mess you will make trying to tattoo your own head, to say nothing of the risk of septicaemia.

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    Yes i have seen bad SMP but i think its risk free, i would buy the thinner needle and non permanent tattoo ink.
    Also the machine price its just 100 euro

    I have done once smp before 5 months, its nothing special .
    They just dot the head with the machine

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    Ok guys , just find out that Dermimatch clinic from Arizona http://www.dermimatch.com/faq-pricing.html
    sell their products in Amazon

    Their Machine at 200$

    and their pigments at 130$

    I sent them an email if the products are real or scum and they answered me that its original.
    They also will support me with video and infos to make it alone

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    How about using "disappearing ink" so you can have a test run? It is now available for tattoos and either fades naturally or can be removed with light. http://www.geek.com/news/new-tattoo-...emand-1654724/

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    The pigments from Dermimatch are the original pigments used for smp , with their machine everything will be ready for use.

    I will try it, first i will make few dots and let it few months to see how is going

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    Hi I was wondering how the pigments treated you from dermimatch I was considering buying some

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