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    Default New member, age 20, from Birmingham UK

    So after a lot of hesitation I have decided to join this forum. I have recently turned 20 and am currently working as a chef. I am very happy to be going to a top university to study Mechanical Engineering this September, after a period of illness (chronic fatigue syndrome) which prevented me from starting uni at 18/19.

    I hope to give you all a detailed overview of where I am at right now in terms of hair loss.

    Around nine months ago I started to notice that if ran my hand through the top of my hair, I could easily pull out a solid two or three hairs. I immediately started worrying and started obsessively doing 'pull tests' at random points during the day and comparing the results to other areas of my scalp which are not effected by MPB. Most of the time, the back and sides are pretty solid although sometimes the same amount of hair can come out as on the top.

    Thing is, it is usual to lose 50-100 hairs per day, so I'm not sure if I'm balding or just shedding normally. Also, these 'pull tests' may be the cause of excess shedding... I just don't know!

    There is what I believe to be some recession of my frontal hairline and temples. However I cannot be certain how long my hair has been like this. I still have a solid frontal hairline. But right at the front there are fuzzy little hairs which do not grow beyond a certain length.

    I believe I am suffering from the early stages of MPB. So I eventually gritted my teeth and got a regimen together. I take a capsule of Saw Palmetto once a day, and when I wash my hair I use Nizoral every so often. Conveniently, I have a small mole at the front of my hairline which I can use as a reference point. Since starting SP and Nizoral, my hairline does not seem to have receded any further.

    As I am going to university in a few months, I am very worried that if my hair loss accelerates, it would effect my chances of making friends and pulling birds, making me look older etc. I dread being mistaken for a mature student in his late 20s/ early 30s

    There is NO WAY I am going on finasteride as I am too worried about the sexual side effects. I'd rather have no hair and a functioning dick and hair and a dysfunctional dick.

    - I am seriously considering minoxidil.
    - If my hair gets significantly worse or becomes noticeable, I am considering getting a non surgical hair replacement system.

    Can anybody advise me about these two options?

    Hope this all makes sense and sorry if it sounds confusing

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