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    Okay, I think whinging about hair loss is going to get me absolutely no where. I've considered my options and I think I'm going to need a HT. I've got a few concerns though:

    1) At 51, my father is between a Norwood 5A and a Norwood VI. I think I'm losing my hair faster than he did too. If I have a hair transplant now, as a Norwood 3A (I guess - diffuse loss), does anyone think it will be too early?

    2) I have diffuse loss that looks like I'll be a Norwood VI when it's finished. Is there a higher risk of shock loss in diffuse pattern balding patients?

    3) Has anyone had body hair transplanted and if so, how satisifed are you with it?

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    The real question is. Did your father use any medication? Because if you use dutasteride(i am not familiar with this? assuming its similar to propecia) or should definitely be able to keep your hair longer than your dad ever did. A hair transplant is definitely a very, very good option for someone at the age of 27. it will make your hair look way better for years and years.

    I am no expert at all...I am new to this war against hair...but i have been reading a lot of stuff and will try a lot of things.

    What I am going to do myself is just start from the bottom and get a hairtransplant last... but probably maybe even later this year or next restore my temple area which is pretty much screwed over.

    How effective did you find rogaine? And how effective has dutasteride been for you?

    Anyway, glad you are considering this man. I really do think by the time your hair gets worse again after the transplant 3-4 years maybe. There should be something better available... you could always just perhaps get another transplant. But PRP and other stuff are really looking good so far.

    Good luck man!

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    My hair is completely different to my fathers. Mine is far more similar to my maternal grandfather's, in that it is diffuse thinning. The difference is his started at 50ish whereas mine started at 20. Considering we're pretty much identical looking, It's quite depressing to look at him at 55 and to see my reflection.

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    Well, yeah that sucks...

    My hair is getting crapper every day.

    You are old enough to have a HT and it will thicken your existen hair really good if you decide to do it...really will help a ton you know. Wish I could just do something and get over this damn shit

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    Body hair transplantation seems to be a hit or miss last ditch effort technique. Itís mostly saved for people who have had poor hair transplant results in the past and who have had their donor hair depleted. This is a another technique that should only be performed by a surgeon who does a lot of this type of surgery. Itís very risky with some disappointing results.

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    A hair transplant would be a good option if you want to restore your hair line but would not be recommended for areas where there is no recession, just miniaturization or thinning. Trying to increase your density in regions where you still have hair, albeit thinning hair, could result in accelerated loss of this existing hair. Your best bet might be to just have a small procedure along the frontal hairline and try and maintain what hair you have behind that with medial therapy for the time being. However, if you believe your existing hair is close to a complete loss, a larger procedure might make sense because, even if you do experience significant shock loss, you will be replacing the miniaturized hair with permanent hair and will see some net benefit.

    As Winston stated, body hair should really only be used as a last-resort and thought of as "filler hair" to increase density when there is not an abundant supply of scalp donor hair. Although some individuals have had fantastic success with body hair, results can be quite unpredictable. Dr. Cole always insists on doing a test case of 50 to 500 grafts before jumping into longer BHT sessions, to see what sort of yield and quality an individual can expect.

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