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    I posted in the Men's Hair Loss section sorry for the mistake.

    "Hello everyone, Hettie here 33 years old mom with two kids suffering from hair loss. It started when I gave birth to my first child and it has been that way until now. My father is also balding so I'm thinking it might be in my genes. Looking forward to learn from all of you here. Thanks and good day! "

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    yeah, baldness can be hereditary which means this can be passed from parents to children. You can search online as there are ways to lessen its progression.

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    Grettings Hettie. Hairloss after childbirth is common in women. During pregnancy many experience an increase in density from the increased levels of estrogen. Thinning sometimes occurs after this from the drop in levels. For some this continues possibly due to genetics. Female Patterned Hairloss isn't understood as well as it is in males, however treatments are available. Id suggest you look up the Ludwig scale and see if it resembles your hairloss. If its something that is bothering you a dermatologist is your best bet.


    Minoxidil and Spironolactone are the most common treatments as far as I know.

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