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    Default Hair4all - phil osmond - avoid

    I would strongly recommend that you avoid hair4all and Phil Osmomd like the plague!

    I have been wearing hair systems for the last 14 years and used many companies throughout the whole of the uk, usa and the uk. I have been promised the earth by phils " wheeler dealer " attitude and have been let down and stitched up many times and left with out a system because his systems came back the incorrect size, poor quality and didnt last.

    I now use Optima hair who only charge £299 Including VAT, are much superior systems. On the other hand if you are happy with the hair4all systems them I would advise you going direct to 3rd Dimension studios who use the same factory but sell the systems for £ 250 or you can go direct to the supplier:

    Shugen Liu
    Bond Corporation
    Address: 20 Dian Tai Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300070 P.R.China
    Fax: 86-22-23042989

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    The Hair Man to the Hair Wearer Gareth Warnock; Portsmouth, England, UK.
    Gareth Warnock and myself Phil Osmond have been associated since 2006, When Gareth went to Whitecliffs as a client. Gareth Warnock was a client of mine from 2009 till July 2016 purchasing 2 systems a year sometimes 3. that is 7 years.
    A system came back not to Gareth's liking, hair4all sent this back and again it came back not to Gareth's liking though in our opinion the system looked fab. Gareth has his hair swept back of his face and hair4all natural look is this google hair4allficker for 4500 confirmations on this.
    Due to the nonstop calls and borderline harrassment to hair4all staff I gave a refund and said to Gareth it is time for us to part ways.
    On the back of this decision; while I was away from HQ on a home consi, Gareth drove to Bristol and stormed into the office in a threatening way which scared the two office ladies there at the time Alex and Elena.
    After leaving. I from that day had shutters attached to the windows and an alarm installed and a panic alarm for the staff..It has taken me 14 months to write a reply due to the state of mind Gareth had been in. I feel now I have the right to reply.
    The address below, I have no idea who this is.
    Regards Phil The Hair Man

    Shugen Liu
    Bond Corporation
    Address: 20 Dian Tai Road, Heping District, Tianjin 300070 P.R.China
    Fax: 86-22-23042989[/QUOTE]

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    For my forehead, I'm at the point where a transplant is my only option.

    To be honest, I'm kind of scared, because it seems like a lot of people who get a transplant
    are unhappy with the results.

    Also my hair is thin.

    Does anybody here have any advice.

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    Hello k9gatton
    I have had HT for the temporal peak area of my hairline (Horizontal to my eyes) this allows me to have a lower hairline for my hair system.
    Re HT...research a good surgeon, see his/her work, or even better, see hi/her work with a client similar to your hair situation
    All the very Best
    Phil The Hair man

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