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    Hi all! So I do realize there's a huge thread already dedicated to this topic but I have some more specific questions I would like help on if possible. I'm proposing to my girlfriend in a month and I'm hoping, if she says yes, we'll be married next summer.

    That being said I know fin is my best bet but I don't want to have a low libido for my proposal/honeymoon/wedding. I would like to have more hair on my head though.

    So I've been looking into RU. The guide in the other thread was for mixing it from the base powder but what about this:

    Is this already mixed? Like, could I just use a dropper and put this on my head?

    I'm currently in the shedding phase of using Minoxidil and using Nizoral.

    Would this solution help me re-grow hair as is? And would there be even more shedding once I started applying it?

    Thanks to whoever can help me!

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