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    So I made a few posts inquiring as to people's experiences with chemyo. I ultimately decided to give them a shot and, in my experience (3 months of use), their product seems to be legit as my hair has remained the same as when I switched to chemyo from anageninc. So if any of you guys were wondering if chemyo was legit, you don't need to treat yourselves as a guinea pig as I took care of that. With that said, however, I went to their site to buy a new batch tonight and apparently they're "out of stock." Ever since reading Derek's post about all the hairloss he experienced after 1 month without RU, I'm paranoid to go too long without using and am looking to find an IMMEDIATE replacement. Can anyone recommend another seller other than anageninc? Did we ever reach a consensus on purityprod? Do we have any evidence that their product is actually shit? I really appreciate the help, fellas.

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