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    Quote Originally Posted by doke View Post
    There are some on hair loss web sites mixing ru with stem but i have not tried it i think its mainly just to dissolve in but if it works then you can only try yourself the problem is we see all this stuff on hair sites and i found in the end you can get so confused and desperate what to use that works i did myself and can still do.
    The thing to try is dermarolling once a week depending on needle size and a topical of your choice say minoxidil 2 or 5% fortified with finasteride that is what i am using mine is headway f which is 5% once or twice a day i have at this time dropped ru as i was not getting any results.
    The other thing is to stick to your topical for at least 6 to 12 months do not expect any results in weeks.

    Hey thanks for the reply, I use Topical Finasteride and 15% minoxidil with other ingredients added into the mixture from a compound pharmacy from that thread Dr Klein, Murray Avenue Apothecary is the compound pharmacy I order.

    This has stabilized and regrown most my hair, always good to know other options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefkampen View Post
    Sorry if I am bumping this, but have you tried ru58841 from actifolic? how long was the shipping time? I am norwood II, but since two months my hair loss has gone worse (specifically at the hair line)... I don't know the reason why I am shedding so quick out of the blue. Do you think RU will help? I am already on fin. Again, sorry for bringing up the post, but I am so desperate at this moment.
    update, its been some months now and i started using ru58841 and topical finasteride and my hair loss has halted. my hair is still not at full fullnes but it is recovering really really well! might add some minoxidil to regrow the temples. by the way, actifolic is LEGIT! i can really recommend them. not sure if i am allowed to tell this, please edit my post if i am not allowed to say that. peace!

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    what % are you using ?

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