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    Question New User- Need advise on whats happening to my hair

    Hi There,

    Im a 30 year old male with no family history of baldness, lead an active lifestyle with little stress.

    I noticed about a month ago a small (almost bare) patch on my head and since then its progressively getting bigger.

    I went to my doctor and he gave me Clobetasol cream (steroid) to apply twice a day to my scalp but that has not been working.

    He said I may have alopecia areata and he is going to send me to a dermatologist.

    Have you guys seen something similar to this and could offer me advise?

    I bought 5% minoxidil but don't know if I should use it or not. I just started taking zinc and Biotin a couple days ago.


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    Hi, i think your doctor is right, it looks like alopecia areata. You should see a dermatologist as soon as you can. Did your doctor prescribe you minoxidil? If it's not the case, i think you should not use it, at least until you know what the issue is.

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