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    I really cannot believe you guys are going ahead and trying to do PRP from home, you have no formal training and relying on searching online for answers, it's just crazy.

    I would hate to read on hear that someone has seriously harmed themselves through doing this procedure by themselves, honestly, leave this treatment to the experts in the field.

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    Steve you are too old for this topic. Go away

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    Whats going on gang? Any updates?
    Im keen to start myself

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    Hi guys, signed up just for this thread.

    Tonight/today I completed my first round of PRP at home. Not sure how well it went. I'll outline difficulties below;

    1. My centrifuge seemed to get very hot after spinning for 5mins, first spin lasted 15mins @ 4000rpm with 4 x 9mm viles. The samples came out warm and I am not sure if this normal. I bought the one recommended in the thread the 800D desktop model - anyone else have this issue?

    2. I had an issue trying to get the buffy coat as I am not 100% which is exactly the buffy coat, I know its the white layer between the PPP and RBC but on my sample it was a thin sticky layer ontop of the RBC portion. I took out all the yellow PPP with as much of this white layer (small amount of RBC too) and spun it a 2nd time. I then took the top 2/3rds and saved it for derma rolling.

    3. I used a 3ml syringe and the 4mm needle mention in the thread. As a previous user mention, I also had difficulty getting the buffy coat in to the need. The bottom 1/3rd had the white layer ontop of the small amount of RBC after the 2nd spin. I wasn't sure if I should use the entire sticky white coat for the injection - can anyone clarify? I saw a method on youtube where they use a syringe just above the white layer and use a "tornado" method to spin the white layer into the lower portion of the left over 1/3rd PPP. I tried this but ended up sucking in most of the white layer and mixed it with some RBC and the PPP.

    4. Injecting with the 4mm needle, I really don't know how much went in to my scalp. It all seemed to run down my face or just pool out of the injection area. Sometime it did seem to go in, sometimes it didn't. I tried many different angles, 90, 45, 30 .... Has anyone had success with this or any other size needle? The videos I saw they use much larger needles and get large bumps under the skin in the areas its injected. So I do not know how much went in, overall I think I only had about 4-5ml of PRP total and maybe half that went into the scalp(?).

    I will try to update again the results in 2 weeks, if anyone could answer my questions / comment on the above, it would be greatly appreciated.

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