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Thread: PRP At home

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    My new "centrifuge":

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    That's really great. But don't you find it risky because professionals can do it very well. Awaiting your feedback.

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    Default Excellent!!

    Quote Originally Posted by JulioGP View Post
    I had to travel and ended up taking a break in treatment, returning only now.

    I recorded a video demonstrating how I did the fan. I used a fan as centrifugal to make the separation of PRP. It is perfect. The tubes were empty in this case, just for testing.

    Look, I could make a PRP extraction almost equal to a laboratory.
    My image:

    Lab Image:
    I noticed in one of your videos there is some kind of liquid you put in the tubes. What is it and how would I get it?

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    Question Is injecting needles in your scalp painful? Can you do it without local Anesthesia?


    Is injecting needles in your scalp painful? Can you do it without local Anesthesia?
    Please let me know. Would appreciate your reply.

    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by JulioGP View Post
    My friends,

    After trying various treatments, I picked up some tips for making PRP applications at home.

    I made the construction of a centrifuge, using a fan. The experiment worked! After 15 minutes centrifugation of blood, was at least about 3 mls of PRP.

    Material used:
    1 fan
    2 test tubes
    needles for scalp

    This video shows how to make the centrifuge. Instead of using a cooler, I used a fan horizontally:

    With a scalper, I shot vein blood 5mls. After I put in the test tube and put it in my home centrifuge.

    15 minutes after, I have PRP. With an insulin injection, apply at various points of the head. I will make this treatment every two weeks.

    Some clinics come to charge $ 2,000 per application. Doing this at home, I have not spent $ 5 per application.

    I´ll comeback in few weeks for feedback.

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    Default Wow

    Dude your a savage for this. lol good luck man you just saved your self thousands of dollars

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    I'm impressed. Thought about it too. So expensive for something so simple technically and that takes a clinic 10mins. Only thing is taking the blood needs more skill than most people have

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    Default hi,how deep u go with ingection?2mm? check about innoprp and hydra 20 micro needle..

    hi,how deep u go with ingection in scalp?2mm? check about innoprp and hydra 20 micro needle.
    needle on this 1 goes just 0.5mm deep in u thinkj its enough?
    and this 1 is coming soon...

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    which anti coagulant have you used to centrifuge the blood ? I am actually doing PRP myself at home post learnin the procedure from a clinic i was visiting for months.

    Finding out the right anticoagulant such as EDTA (PART OF THE TUBE) is crucial

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    I have been doing my own "at home" PRP as well and also have all of the necessary equipment. However, it seems this thread has not gotten much attention, though.



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    Default Quick Update - It works !

    Yeah Birdman, I find it weird as well but probably people are apprehensive in going through the entire procedure on their own.

    I have successfully done 4 prp sessions at home by myself. Let me put across some of the hurdles i had faced initially -

    1. Getting the anticoagulent : I had no clue searched a lot and spoke to suppliers in china who make hair prp specific anticoagulents (ACD GEL). But then found a local vendor for much cheaper. (if anyone needs any info message i will be glad to help)

    2. The right needle gauge size for drawing blood and to inject painlessly in the scalp.
    Drawing blood - 24 gauge neede with a 10-12 cap syringe.
    Injecting in scalp - get those diabetic injections (you wont feel a thing) size 31 G.

    3. Some one to help draw blood - I got my maid to help me out here ;/ .... i know had no other choice, besides just needed some one to pull the syringe once placed. Chekout youtube as well....

    Thats it - What i can guarantee is this ....... PRP works no doubt about it and its not a one time process you have to do it regularly at least once a month to ensure that your results hold. The bottom line being unless youre shitting money and dont mind paying someone else for it then do it your self.

    Note - i did go for close to 2 years of PRP sessions before transfer of location got me in a fix.

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