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    Default Would like your opinions

    I just had blood work done to test Thyroid function, total and free Tess levels, DHT levels and cortisol. All came back normal.
    I'm sure I had TE after some events that took place almost 5 years ago. Lost majority of my hair 3-4 months after the event.
    Till this day I lose about 200-300 hairs a day. Rogaine hasn't helped one bit after 11 months of continued use. If I rub my head long enough, I'll lose 1,000 hairs. It just won't stop falling out.
    There is zero history of MPB on either side of family. In fact, I have uncles between 50's - 70's with full heads of hair, dad had a full head of hair till 60's.
    What do you all think can be causing this?

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    family history of no balding doesn't mean anything. plenty of brother with the same mother and father has one that is bald by he's 25 and the other has a full head of hair till he's 80.

    I have yet to meet anyone who has had success with Rogain. imo its a total and complete rip-off and waste of time and money and it lowers ur sex drive. I wud steer clear of that shit.

    buddy in high school lost his hair just like you are. it was falling out in clumps at age 18 and was a NW6 by the time he was 22. they don't know exactly what causes everyone to lose their hair. if they did they would have a cure to stop it likely. looks like ur one of the unlucky ones.

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    I think I may have finally found something that makes sense. Anyone hear of LAS? Condition where hairs in growing phase can be pulled out easily and painlessly.


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