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    Default Desmond -- Update us on your topical fin experiment?

    I know you explained how to create a topical finasteride almost a year ago and began using that, and you mentioned early on that you believed it was working due to it stopping the itching.

    In light of Hasson & Wong finally making their version available, are you still using topical finasteride? What have the results been? Any side effects? And were you using oral finasteride before that?

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    Hi brother I've been meaning to update everyone here on topical finasteride but never got the chance to. So here it goes:

    We have been compounding topical finasteride for over a year now for a lot patients. Over this time, I've done a lot of research, so here's all you need to know. Making topical fin, CB, Minox or even RU is so easy you would not believe! All you need is:
    1. Your active ingredient
    2. Suitable solvent
    3. Espumil foaming solution

    Here's the link to Espumil:

    That's all. For example to make topical fin:
    Crush your Finasteride tablets
    Dissolve in alcohol (solvent)
    Filter using a filter paper
    Add to Espumil solution
    Poor into a foaming bottle.

    Thats it. It works and at least 20 ppl that I personally know of are using it.

    Here's a video to help you do it:

    Hope that helps everyone if you have questions about calculations, how much to put in, etc let me know and I'll post a thorough step by step protocol.



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    where are the after photos of this guy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desmond84 View Post

    Thats it. It works and at least 20 ppl that I personally know of are using it.

    works the same as ingesting it?

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    Hey Desmond ! About CB, Versapro and HRT cream is to forget ??? Espumil is a better vehicle ?? Thanks

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    What's the advantage here ? That you'd need to use less fin ?

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    does anyone know the topical ml you need to apply to inhibit a percent of serum DHT? Does it go systemic less then oral? I guess I also wonder what is the benefit to doing this work and going topical over internal?

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    Great, Desmond, you're here. Thanks much for the instructions. A few specific questions for you...

    1. You said 20 people are using it and it works. Do you mean 20 people who had side effects on oral finasteride are using topical finasteride effectively but WITHOUT side effects? Avoiding side effects of the pill is really what we're interested in here.

    2. Do you believe H&W's liposomal version makes sense, and is likely to make a difference compared to other formulations? (Particularly with regard to avoiding side effects?)

    Also, this is the 2007 paper on liposomal topical finasteride that someone cited: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18161632

    The full paper -- which I can't make heads or tails of -- is here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/307372835...al-finasteride

    Maybe someone can interpret that for us.

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    Does Hasson & Wong have topical propecia? Will they precribe it to patients who have not had a hair transplant? And anyone out there who cut propecia in a half dose everyday 0.5mg per day instead of 1.0 mg.

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