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    Quote Originally Posted by michaelgranger65 View Post
    I've been thinking about your original post a bit and I have to say that it's pretty fcked up that she said that to you. Imagine if you went up to a girl and said "Oh, you are so fat and have all those wrinkles around your eyes. It must be hard to meet a man carrying around all that extra weight and looking so old." If you said that to her she would probably have a mental breakdown. It's easy to tear someone down. I'm also glad to hear that you are in the same age range as some of us. I'm in my late 30's and most of the guys I know have some degree of hair loss. All I know is that women who judge men by those very unrealistic standards end with a few cats and a lot of regrets. Anyway, I want to also let you know that I take Dutasteride on a daily basis and have been on that for several years now. Prior to that I was taking Propecia. Neither of these medications has affected my libido in the slightest and I've basically stopped losing hair. I can even gain hair depending on my Dutasteride dosing. The cost of this medication keeps me in the .5 to 1.5mg range as a daily regiment.
    Also, I've been losing hair since I was 15, so the process for me has been a lifelong adventure. But it's totally ok! The only time it's ever affected me is when I let it affect me. So I definitely don't want anyone here to feel like the dread of hairloss stays with you forever. Especially for guys! I find it weird if you don't lose any hair!
    I gotta say this isn't helpful. It's not easy to tear someone down it's easy to lack perception and allow people to tear you down. Some of the most confident people in the world would be considered extremely ugly by today's standards. The fact is we emphasize looks too much when we all die we decompose the same and we will miss life being overly focused on or short comings. For Christ sake people are born without legs, people are porn worn physical deformities and they carry through life. The key is to find your niche in life chase it not vanity Or women and you will meet the right person along the way. I'm not saying we all wouldn't have looked better with a full head of hair but I don't think this women was trying to hurt you. I joke about my grey hairs and thin hair and I'm not even 30. If someone mentions it doesn't bother me in the slightest. It did when I was 19 but that was 10 years ago and I focus on my positive attributes instead. Anyways hair loss does suck I doubt about it but so many things suck more like cancer, which I had at 23 and really made me let go of hair loss bothering me. I do my best to maintain it. If a cure really came I would use it but In the mean time I do things I love to do.

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    Its really horrible to observe such posts in the various forums

    Why don't you believe in the nature as much as you believe in the medicines and surgeries

    Getting hair back is a very normal and easy process. Don't make it more complicated, don't get confused.

    I posted the procedure in my own thread. Just give a try and Im telling you that you will get back your hair for sure.

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    I wouldn't wish balding on my worst enemy.

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