Is Mosaic Hair Restoration The Next Logical Step? Paul Rose., M.D., J.D. -
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    film Is Mosaic Hair Restoration The Next Logical Step? Paul Rose., M.D., J.D.

    The vast majority of hair transplant surgeons in the U.S. and abroad have adopted the same basic method of creating recipient areas using only slight variations in site creation and angle creation. In general recipient areas are mapped out in zones made up of 1, two and three hair follicular units.

    While extremely natural looking results can be achieved using this basic method, IAHRS accepted members Paul Rose, M.D and Bernard Nusbaum, M.D.have observed that follicular units naturally occur in an arrangement consisting of unique percentages of one, two, and three hair follicular units in different mixed configurations with unique inter-follicular distances. This indicates that no two heads of hair are alike and need to be looked at differently than once believed when designing the overall hair transplant.

    Based on this observation Dr. Rose and Dr. Nusbaum actually take several magnified images of the patient’s scalp in areas unaffected by the balding process. They then analyze the images to tabulate the percentages of one, two or three hair follicular units and determine their topographical arrangement unique for that patient. This data is then examined and used to create a 100% personalized design for implantation of the recipient zone

    Spencer Kobren speaks with Dr. Paul Rose about this possible paradigm shift in hair transplant surgery.

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