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    Default Toppik fattener or fibre for me?

    So I've recently started losing hair(around 8 months back) and my hairline is receded a bit and my hair on top has also gotten a little thin but the density is still pretty much decent. To give my hair a more fuller/thick look,I'm thinking of buying toppik and here lies the confusion. I'm a Norwood 2-2.5 so I'm wondering will the fibre will be of any help to me at this stage where I've still got good density,I mean will it make my hair look more thick?
    Also,there is this toppik hair fattener which is sort of a gel based thing that also serves the same purpose but there isn't many rebiews/videos/photos about it. From the handful of reviews, it seems to be really good product that greatly increases the thickness and all but like I said there's no pics/videos to judge its effectiveness.

    So guys I need your advice, would toppik fibres be ideal to thicken up my hair or the hair fattener or both?

    P.S. My scalp is not at all visible and still covered with hair,only my hairline has receded and my hair thinned a little.
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    Cmon guys,out of the 61 people who viewed im sure atleast one of them would have been a toppik user.

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    I've used Toppik before and it seems to really help for people that don't have much scalp showing but the hair is thinning. The fibers need some other hairs to grip onto to work well. I don't like Toppik that much though, it's the most expensive brand and I've found other brands that are just as good for cheaper (I'm currently using strand maximizer.) I don't know anything about the gel based one.

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    You could look at dermatch or couvre. Can you share any photos?
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