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    Default Hair sprays to conceal thinning areas or bald spots

    Good Morning All,

    Its been some time since I have been on this forum. I need your collective advice again. I had HT a few years ago, and I am happy with the result. However, I have discovered that I probably did not lose "all" my hair when I had the HT. I recently started losing some hair towards the back crown and towards the lower sides. So although I have a head of hair at the front, on one side in particular, its obvious that there is a bold spot. Because I have a complete hair line at the front, I feel it looks odd, and possibly makes it even more obvious that I have had a HT. It may also be me being a bit paranoid or self conscious. I know the long term solution is to have another HT, and I was going to anyway, to make everything more thicker. But I would like to postpone this, hopefully, last HT as much as I can to see how much more hair loss happens towards the back. The reality is, I will most likely lose hair towards the back into my 60's so I also know there is no point in waiting too long.

    In the meantime, I would like to find a good quality spray that conceals thinking areas or bald spots. I sea them advertised on TV sometimes. I want a good quality one, not one with toxic chemicals that will damage my hair. So I am happy to pay a reasonable price for it. Can anyone make any recommendations or share any links with me of products they have used. I would be very grateful. Thank you.

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    I haven't had much success with the spray concealer (although I'm a girl so maybe it's different...) I like the powder based concealer like Dermmatch or fiber concealer like Strand Maximizer. I can't get the spray ones to look very natural.

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    If your hair isn't too short or thin, dermmatch is fantastic in my opinion. It doesn't give a damn about wind, water, hats or anything, and it doesn't feel weird. It'll stay in for days on end if you don't shampoo it out too.

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    Better than Toppik?

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    Dermmatch is the best concealer, it is not perfect though. The problem is that it comes of on the pillow or when you touch by your hand it will become a bit black. Also your hair will become a little bit stiff.

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    Dermatch works great. There is also Innisfree hair make up that provides excellent results as well.

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