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    Default Shedding 3 weeks into fin/minox, normal?

    Hey guys,

    I started 1mg EOD fin and twice a day minoxidil 3 weeks ago. Around the 2-week mark it seemed like I was losing almost 50% less hairs in the shower (25-30 instead of 50-75) so I reckoned it must be working, but now at the 3-week mark I noticed I'm losing more hairs when I brush it at night and in the morning before I shower (around 25), and I'm back up to losing 50+ in the shower every day.

    I know shedding is usually a good sign, but isn't 3 weeks a bit late? The Rogaine website said it should occur during the first two weeks typically. Anyone else had an experience like this? It's a little unnerving...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashid Rashid, MD, PhD View Post
    We have heard patients tell us shedding in ranges from first weeks to first months. The majority do so early, but not everyone does.
    Thanks I'll keep an eye on it then, hopefully it will improve within the next week or so.

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