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    Default Hair piece for now? Later?

    Currently on Fin and Nix. I may eventually get on Min. but would prefer not to. After researching for a bit, I think that, when the time comes, I would not get a HT. I have seen videos and images online and am really impressed with what hair systems can do. However, most of what I see is glued on, which I cannot see working if you still have a bit of hair on your scalp (would the glue even stick? even if shaved, I am sure it would hurt taking it off).

    I believe what I will do is get a partial and get it bigger and bigger as time goes on. Is this done? How does it blend in, compared with a bigger piece. Below are a few pictures of my hair; while I would like a bit more coverage in the temples and front, I am still fine with what I have, but thinking more about what happens in a year or two (or based on the rate things seem to be going these days, next 6 months).

    Any guidance?
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    Nah man you still got a whole head of hair for what I can see

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    Hello Mudkipper!
    Im glad that you came to the best forum for hairloss ideas help and conversations,
    Spencer Kobren's The BTT!

    Mudkipper, I am in total AGREEMENT with G2796's response to you !!
    Good and true response G2796!!

    Hey Mudkipper, first of all, how old are you now?
    How long have you been on Fin' and Nix' now?
    Again, your hair looks relatively very good right now!
    Do NOT worry about hairloss POSSIBILITIES.

    Worry and stress WILL cause more hairloss issues to your scalp as well as effecting your health in the long run!

    There is never a reason to become worried about this sort of thing
    for anyone.
    To give you a part of my experiences,
    I have been on Minoxidil since November 2015.
    I have been seeing positive results from it along with my grafts.
    To be specific,There are areas of my hair that are NOT grafts,,,
    those hairs are in front of the grafts.
    The frontal hairs ARE improving now because of Minoxidil.
    So please objectively consider minoxidil at some point.

    Hope to hear back from you soon bro!

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    Oh ,,another thing to consider, the 'Hair piece' technology has really advanced in the 21st century. It is actual very cool to see!
    There are some people that Ive known that had 'full heads' of hair.
    I never knew that they were/are wearing hair pieces until I was told about it!!

    For anyone, deciding to start using a hair piece that would be A-OK.
    I personally have never considered using hair pieces since i had started losing my hair many many years ago.
    Its because I had decided to ACCEPT whatever it was at that time.
    I did that so I would stay HAPPY!! (just as my own father did)

    No one wants hairloss,,everyone hates it BUT, we all must be accepting for whatever time period it is because ones hair CAN BE improved by using different methods in accordance with ones acceptance level too!

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    Thank you guys for the support. Lose hair, gain family, haha.

    Okay, so I know my hair still seems pretty full, especially in those pictures. Compared to other guys on this forum, it seems almost silly to complain. However, this is only due to me being on Fin. I am now 26, and without the 3-4 past years on Fin, I am sure I would be as bald as my brother.

    I guess my REAL question is:

    How and when to ease into a Hair System. I mean, I figure with the glue, one must be pretty bald already. However, by that time, not saying it will be too late, but of course, I would love to never have to go that way. How and when to get a hair system, when you are BALDING as opposed to bald.

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    I dont think you need a piece just yet though you are getting noticeable front and temple recession

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    you'd be crazy to wear a hairpiece with that much hair. If i was you i'd get some SMP to give the illusion of fuller hair in those thinner areas

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