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    Default Where is my hair loss at? (PHOTOS)


    Here is a link to some photos of my hair loss. I am nearly 26 years old and have been on finasteride for 4 years and the state of my hairloss has not progressed too much although it is still worse then I would like. I want to know what you all think of my hair loss? Do you think I am reaching the age/level of hair loss where a transplant would be a success?

    My hair loss seems to be localized to the frontal third. I have always liked having my hair a little bit longer and parted to the side but due to the density in the corner of my hairline, it is becoming less and less possible. This causes me a lot of anxiety because I have never liked having very short hair. Please let me know your thoughts

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    Any opinions?

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    Obvious temporal recession with thinning of frontal hair tuft. How old are you?. Are u on any meds?

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    Your hairs not to bad... have you tried minoxidil maybe it can thicken up your temples a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eighteen View Post
    Your hairs not to bad... have you tried minoxidil maybe it can thicken up your temples a bit.
    So you don't think a hair transplant is a feasible option?

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    No JSmyth , Hair transplantation is very unnecessary for you at this time.

    As Eighteen had mentioned to you, Minoxidil is a GOOD idea for your hairline.
    You seem to only be experiencing a maturing of your hairline at this point in your life.
    Now keep this in mind, do NOT become worried or stressed out about this.
    Stress would cause more issues to your hairline and eventually to your health!
    Also, Minoxidil takes time to improve ones hair so stay patient and calm.
    I started taking Minoxidil this past November 2015.
    Its getting close to 4 months now and I do see that my hair is improving due to Minoxidil .
    If you do start using Minoxidil , use it twice a day.
    Do not become worried about this or anything else in your life.
    Live your life happy and content!

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