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    Default Hi Monty

    Hi Montana
    I guess I am hanging on to the last bit of hopes as information on the Internet says it can take up to 18 months. I haven't been for the following up consultation so that would be the next step. Did you get any money back for the first fairly transplant? Was there no growth or success whatsoever from the first one?

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    The info on the net is that complete growth can take up to 18 months correct. But months 8 ish to 18 is just tuning and refining. I've been in this game for 20 years now and though it pains me to say it, give up on the hope and expedite plan B.

    No I received nothing. Dogannay turned out to be a butcher. Got some great results to begin with but I'm not sure he's still even practising. His name is, rightly, mud.

    All the best.

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    Where did you get my name? Get it off this thread!

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    Hey guys, I am 6 months post op my Fue and I donít see much growth at all (kinda still looks the same as pre opp. I think I see some hairs growing but I canít tell if itís vellus hair. I saw my surgeon 2 days ago and he seemed dissatisfied and said he wants to do a touch up of 500 grafts at no cost but ensured he does see some growth. The surgeon and his assistant left me a little discouraged. Shouldnít I be seeing some decent growth by now at 6 months? When I started asking his assistant some questions bc the surgeon had to leave she brought up all these possibilities why itís not growing as quick. She knew I was a little upset and discouraged but I was polite the whole time. She started to get annoyed from me from all my questions and then she mentioned ďwell you signed the consent formĒ when she said that, I thought it was a red flag. Please let me know guys for your thoughts! Iím getting super nervous and stressing out.

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