Need Advice. 18 year old male... male pattern baldness but afraid of side effects. -
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    Default Need Advice. 18 year old male... male pattern baldness but afraid of side effects.

    Hey everyone,

    So I'm noticeably balding at 18 (sorry no pictures but my hairline is receding) and I have looked into treatment (the big three, nioxin, green tea etc, etc), but I'm extremely concerned about going on something like finasteride due to its potentially side effects related to infertility. Trust me, balding this young isn't optimal, but I think it would be much worse of a curse to never be able to have children. So I need advice, are there any options that might work without major side effects or, if not, is it worth the risk this young to go for something like propecia? I'm torn and any advice would be a huge help. Thanks!

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    If you want to have a fighting chance at keeping your hair than you have to go on fin. You can try just using minoxidil and maybe a keto shampoo but i highly doubt that, that would work for you escpecially at your age. Statistically though you have a a larger chance at fin not working than giving you sides... your choice.

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    Weigh the pros of cons and don't forget for some, not many, the sides are permanent and maybe going bald working out and highlighting other features may be something you can live with. Not being able to use likely not something you can live with. All though many take fin and get zero sides....IDK buddy sorry you gotta deal with it so young many of us been there. I never did rogaine or fin and I'm 28 hair receding slower now I just use GoFYBR which is a consealer. I'm waiting for a treatment maybe another 2 years then will probably just get a FUE transplant if nothing looks promising. Crossing my fingers for Histogen!

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    You should consider posting a photo to get more feedback. Where is your hair loss?
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    What length do you normally have your hair??

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    That's kinda like saying you want to get drunk, but you don't want to drink alcohol because you might get a hang over. DHT inhibitors as of now are your only option unfortunately.

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    If the side effects arent worth what you're putting in it then you dont have to continue taking the meds.

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