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    Quote Originally Posted by bba View Post
    9 months on finasteride isn't doing a thing for me, actually my hair loss has never been so bad as in the 9 last months and I'm now a diffuse nw6/7, Before I started i was getting close to a diffuse nw5 and was still able to hide most of the thinning. Now I must have regrowth or I might as well lose the rest.
    I don't think that even Dut is worth trying now.
    I'm going insane.
    How is it going now...I know exactly what you mean by going insane....Were you able to do anything ? I started Dutasteride and Ru58441 mixed with Minox and managed to stop my insanity inducing shed which if nothing else has restored my sanity for the time being...The Dut has whacked my sex drive though but I care less about that than being a baldie...How crazy is that? Guess only us balding dudes can relate to that one...anyway how are you doing now?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesst11 View Post
    yeah... I am just going straight up 10% with dermarolling before. Let's pray!
    Hey James...So how did it go with the straight up dermarolling experiment? Do you feel that you had any success using this method..? Thanks in advance....Mark

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    So try finasteride. Finasteride is the better medicine for hair loss.

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