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    I've had the issues with propecia a while ago. Burning scalp, hair shedding like crazy and weaker hair overall. I gave a good 8 months to this treatment to work and it never did. Right now, I use Phytoworx's shampoo, Pura d'or conditioner, I massage my hair (what's left if it) daily and take biotin supplements. I take about it on my blog - http://www.rescuemyhair.net/how-to-r...air-naturally/ - I have not seen any positive but neither did I see any shedding/negatives so far (it's been almost a year now).

    I lost about an inch with propecia (in roughly 8-9 months) while I kept what I had left (!) with natural shampoos and massages. Nothing too fancy, but it worked for me

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    Hi guys,

    My old account stopped working so I created a new one.

    New update, propecia just isn't working for me. 8 months in and my hairline has gotten worse. The burn continues and is awful.

    I have started to explore other options, I'm still taking the dose every mon, wed and fri but probably not for much longer.

    It hasn't saved me and I doubt it's doing anything but making things worse.

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    Another depressing post. Propecia has honestly just done nothing positive and I obviously can't be certain but it's potentially just made things worse.

    I was depressed about my hair before starting propecia. No doubt. And I thought this would save me. But I now have actual visual hairloss. In the last month somethings really changed. I don't know what, but the front third really became weaker and I noticed more shedding, even by my normal standards of shitness. I had hoped the shedding was a good sign, but all the hair being shed was healthy and the shit thin Weak ones remain. My hairline was Norwood 1 with pretty bad density lost, but Now in my left temple I have nothing and I'm working with a comb over effect there, and the overall hairline has really gotten bad.

    I can't attribute this to propecia, but I don't know what else to blame it on. At the very least, it's failed to work.

    I needed this so bad, I just wanted to maintain a few more years, but nothing seems to work. Not even the big guns.

    I'm going to have to start using topik to hide this mess.

    I'm really not ready to be the guy with a receding hairline. The speed of this shit is ridiculous.

    **** it.

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    If .25 milligrams works for you, than I'm happy for you.

    Personally I just think it's too small to work.

    On the other hand, it's your body. You have to do what feels right, and
    what is side effect free for yourself.

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    Scientific methods that have proof behind them are the methods
    I like to follow.

    I'm too skeptical to follow unproven methods.

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