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    Default the "MPB itch"

    Does MPB really give you that itch on your scalp? If so are there any meds or topicals you can take to rid of it?

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    personally, wherever I itch, I lose hair and this has been anecdotally reported by many, many others. No one really knows what is causing it. the leading hypotheses are scalp inflammation from androgens binding to receptors in follicles, the cause of hair loss and miniaturization. Some say nizoral 1 or 2% helps, other recommend various shampoos from tea tree to olive oil. If finasteride or dutasteride DO work for you, then in theory, the itching should subside while taking these medications.

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    This is interesting to me, because I've noticed that a lot of guys with MPB seem to also have other irritating dermatalogical scalp complaints too (including me), and I wonder if it's connected, or it's just that guys with MPB pay more attention to our scalps? Since I was a teenager I've had an itchy, occasionally very painful rash/acne on my scalp that comes and goes but never quite disappears completely, that a succession of doctors have never been able to do anything about except palliative care, and who advise me that it is stress related. Then in 2011 I had a HT, which, along with the benefit of extra hair, had the very welcome side effect of numbing the back of my head for months, which actually helped with the rash!

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