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    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this forum but have been intensely reading a lot of posts and had questions gathered that have been unaswered.

    I am in my 20's and just recently i have noticed some parts of my scalp. I can't determine whether I am officially losing hair and at what percent. Currently I am getting my hormones tested and I also had a hair count from 3 areas of my head. I have less amount of numbers in the front compared to the back but i don't know if this justifies or logically puts me in the category for losing hair.

    Honestly I don't know why all of sudden my hair turned softer and more scalp showing after shower, maybe this has with me getting older? (Another factor may be i started washing my hair 4 times a week compared to 3) Anyways, I usually blow dry my hair and sometimes straighten it but low settings. I also use a heat protectant.

    I have a few questions and would appreciate your recommendations

    1) does anyone have a good suggestion for a natural heat protectant such as oils? I have read some people mixing oils for protection but other say this isn't a good idea

    2) General consensus from users have been that natural (nothing pharma) will not work but some claim that biotin, silica, msm, saw palemto, pumpkin seed etc work. Are there any users out there that actually use this with good results?

    3) It seems that PRP treatments are just a luxury and don't really work while other findings claim otherwise ( don't know where to stand on this)

    4) if my blood work comes back stating that my dht levels aren't high, does that mean i still need to worry it?

    5) alternative treatments out there such as RU58841, CB 0301 seem to be promising but i am skeptical on this after learning that the sites are controlled by 1 person and the fact that is comes from overseas with no testing has a lot of red flags (with the exception of some group orders being lab tested)

    6) any recommendations on natural non sulfate shampoos? I know niozeral is suppose to be good and was going to try regenpure but after reading reviews I don't know what to do. I don't like the fact that a lot of companies out there just want money instead of genuinely wanting to help people

    7) So far i have sought out the opinions of doctors, all of them seem to have great experience in this field however their views differed and they categorized me differently. one of them suggested i go on the fin and said my nw scale was much worse than the other. I am a bit paranoid at this moment mostly because i have personally noticed my hair change. I have been trying to logically think of taking fin but after careful consideration with the amount i have read, i don't want to mess anything up in my body such as my sexual functions. one reasoning behind this is because currently i have noticed a decrease in my libio and morning erections so i don't want to initiate this further.

    8) i have also noticed there are both optimistic and pessimistic members here regarding future treatments such as histogen / replicel. on one end, there are users who have the attitude of "good luck with that, it's gonna be forever before that comes out etc" then there are others that claim it is really only 2 years away.

    I like to be realistic with slight optimism, so far the testing has gone well and they are phase 3 but i really don't know how well this will hold up because i have read so many post from back in 09 to 2011/2013 that claimed hair loss cure in 2015 only to see that post abandoned with no updated

    I appreciate in advance from forum members

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