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    Default Hair transplants

    So I'm in the process of getting a hair transplant. I just wanna know, if a cure for hairloss arrived 5 years from now but I've already had my hair transplant, will the transplanted hair block follicles where the new hair wants to grow out of??

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    Probably wouldn't be an ideal situation.

    Imo a full cure reversing all loss is 20 years away at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldingEagle View Post
    Probably wouldn't be an ideal situation
    I agree with you, it could cause all types of blockages.

    Does anyone know, when a doctor performs an FUE, does he implant each and every hair right inside the bald follicle (see purple arrow), or does he just implant on barren skin wherever he feels like it (see red arrow)??

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    That's a highly hypothetical question. You may only see more hair. Hair will grow if it has the necessary energy and nutrients at the follicle.
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