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    You would probably need to get in contact with those doctors and ask. One of them was the guy Spencer interviews in a video he posted in this thread.

    I think that if this works for you there would be a a much greater media frenzi than there was for the AA patient. Dr Christiniano says results could begin within a few days. Good luck.

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    I work in an Rheumatoid Arthritis clinic. We give intravenous immune modulators like this JAK inhibitor. My observation is the men and women getting these medications that are similar to Xeljanz (tofacitinib) is hair loss, not hair growth. While each of these medications affect different immune antibodies, I don't see how Tofacitinib topically would help AGA. Then again Christiano claims success. I will wait for the studies and research.

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    Did this product available for purchase now? Do you know any website to buy it?

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