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    Default Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments for Maintenance of Hair Loss-Related Effects

    Men and women are both affected by hair loss as they mature over time. Some will eventually try products to maintain their hair and slow the progression of the hair loss. Through a cycling process, our hair actively grows for a given amount of time. Hair loss involves an acceleration of hair cycle due to shortening of the active hair growth phase. Through elongating the active hair growth phase, individuals can have longer, more robust hair. As the patient attempts to reverse the effects of hair loss with medical therapy, the aim is to reverse the miniaturization process and supply energy to hair in the resting phase.

    Today, hair loss sufferers have procedures and hair loss products that provide hair restoration, but maintenance may provide the better solution to combat hair loss. MyWHTC clinic began performing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) over one year ago, but we now have the results and photos to present in detail. Noticeably improving patient outcomes through Dr. Patrick Mwamba’s protocols, we allow patients to see beyond despair. MyWHTC offers platelet-rich plasma as an alternative option to hair loss medication and hair transplant surgery.

    PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) is a component of blood shown to encourage faster healing, and which promotes new growth of non-transplanted hair. This component also improves hair pigmentation and hair caliber over a series of applications. In our blood, we have white blood cells to fight infection, and platelets to accommodate tissue regeneration. PRP is essentially derived from each patient's own blood and involves separating the blood to form a significantly high concentration of platelets that contain many growth factors to promote faster healing, collagen synthesis, and new blood vessels. The three main benefits of PRP are stem cell binding, growth factor concentration, and tissue regeneration. Stem cells are stimulated to regenerate new tissue. PRP improves the overall aesthetics of patients’ scalp. Injections of PRP into the recipient area as well as the donor area is the delivery process. Through dedication, the MyWHTC clinic observes a positive effect with this treatment; new hair growth.

    Figure 1. Three-month PRP results become visible in young female with fronto temporal recession - Dr. Patrick Mwamba (MyWHTC clinic)

    Figure 2. Three-month PRP results are noticeable in young male with alopecia in the vertex.

    Dr. Patrick Mwamba PRP results in Europe Belgium MyWHTC Clinic results PRP Patrick Mwamba, MD
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