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    Default My thanks to Jonathan G for changing my life with SMP.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the forum. I am in my 30's and just had SMP done this past summer. Prior to that I wore a hair system for 14 years. The short story of it is I got tired of the expense of the hair system and more importantly the life style restrictions that come with wearing one.

    I researched SMP for several months and was on the fence for a long time. Most of my research came from discussions from the forum on the HIS hair website. Finally after months of not knowing whether to go through with it I found a pattern on the HIS forum. Basically I discovered there was one practitioner who kept delivering super realistic results and happy customers.

    Of course that was Jonathan G out of New York. Luckily for me I'm in the area. I booked with Jonathan and the rest is history.

    I will add to this thread soon, with pictures and more details. But what I want to get across is the kind of person Jonathan is. Not only is he super freaking talented, but he is kind, patient and caring. During the process (3 sessions) Jonathan kept in touch. He would read my concerns, and ideas of what way I wanted my SMP to go on the forum. He'd keep in touch through emails. He'd calm any fears or insecurities I had and also each new session he ALREADY knew what I wanted done because he followed my posts. Let's just say he cares as much as he is talented.

    He has recently left HIS and gone on his own. And I say good for him! And I stick to my word. I always said if he left HIS I'd follow him if I ever need a touch up. I'm not trying to knock HIS, I'm just saying Jonathan is that good and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my head.

    While, not knocking HIS, I do have to admit I have joined this forum because the HIS forum has changed. It use to be an open and honest place where you could post anything SMP related. Recently they've been silencing complaints and worst of all don't even allow clients to post who their practitioners were. I can't even express my thanks to Jonathan. Further more they even disabled my ability to Private Message other members of the forum. I suppose they fear I will tell future customers about Jonathan.

    What's sad about that is regardless of whether I mention Jonathan or not I was always a very open and helpful member and client. I had numerous forum members messaging me for advice that I was always happy to give and most of the time it had nothing to do with "who" did my SMP.

    So I am happy to see another forum dedicated to the discussion of SMP. My name on the HIS forum was/is MrOnTheFence. Here I am MrOffTheFence because I am now living a happier life with SMP.

    I have more confidence in every day situations. My daily "hair" routine is cut down to about 5 minutes from an average of 25 to 30 while wearing a system. I am more active, women aren't any less attracted to me and honestly I think I sincerely get more positive attention.

    People who knew me while I wore the system think I just shaved my head. Most people who didn't know me before don't question one way or another. Those who are just meeting me and do question me just want to know why someone with so much hair shaves their head?

    A quick example is the other day I was at the holiday shops at Grand Central. One of the vendors saw me and removed his baseball hat and said "Hey you shave yours just like me." The difference was he bald without SMP. He went on to ask what do I do about getting cold? I responded I carry a hat with me. His next question was "But why do you do it man?? you have so much hair!" I simply responded that I like it this way, its easy to maintain.

    I'll add more later with a few pictures. But as I mentioned, I'm happy to find another forum. And please please please don't hesitate to ask questions in the thread or through PM if you're on the fence and need advice.

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    By the way, anyone interested in possibly considering Jonathan as a practitioner his company is called HairlineInk. Obviously I know pictures are worth 1000 words. So I'll get pictures up later and let his work speak for itself. But if you're in the TriState area he is definitely an option to consider.

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    Do you shave with razor or trimmer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asianguy View Post
    Do you shave with razor or trimmer?
    Mostly with an electric foil shaver. For a period of time I was using my Harry's razor for my head as well as my face because it was faster, and cut a tiny bit closer so that it stayed a little shorter longer into the day. However, I've always suffered from razor burn/bumps around my neck and my gf pointed out I had started to get bumps on my head too. So I went back to the foil shaver.

    It takes a bit longer only because I go over the same area a few times to get as close as possible. It does get very close and barely feel any stubble. I like it that way for the times people want to rub your head. That way they don't feel a difference between the sides and the top.

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