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    Quote Originally Posted by Very Plastic View Post
    I typed this while under the influence.

    Please disregard what I said, jamesst11.
    We're all in this together. Us hair transplant victims are all in this together.

    (Why can't I edit my posts? Stupid forum feature).
    It's o.k. veryplastic, I often type while under the influence as well, as that is when we are most emotional about all this bullshit. No, I am not 22 and I am not near bald. I am a 33 year old and I had an HT when I had almost nearly a full head of hair. It caused telogen effluvium, which is a condition in which, when there is a severe enough trauma, you start to lose hair rapidly. Three dermatologists confirmed I had this due to biopsies. I lost 50% of my hair in one year because I had a hair transplant. That, my friend, is cold hard fact. What I meant, when I said, "if you're a NW2" was a statement obviously assuming at one point he was a NW1 and then PROGRESSED to a NW2 ...why else would he be on here, unless his baldness was progressing. And, yes, if you are planning on getting a HT, have SOME history of MPB and ARE NOT on a scientifically reputable anti-androgen, such as finasteride, then that is EXTREMELY foolish... I know... MANY others that I have conversed with know, that this "shock loss" term is some watered down bullshit sold to us by HT docs. If you get a HT, you should take in consideration telogen effluvium... WHY? google it. it has happened to COUNTLESS amounts of people that have undergone this procedure... WHAT determines if you grow it back? Well, if you have MPB, a lack of androgens in the scalp is going to definitely help..

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    I didnt recover from TE... 10 months after crash diet

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironheadxl View Post
    hi Hairmore, that's the sensible answer I was looking for. everyone else seems to be paranoid about waiting until you are a nw6 before doing anything about the problem. not sure if this is simply because there's more money in it for the docs.
    despite the fact that I'm considering an ht to clear a problematic area I'm not that vain so of things did get worse i would happily shave it off and just get on with it. might as well get a slight touch up while I'm young enough to enjoy it
    Like I told, keep in mind that you will have to do it again some time later on. Everybody has to decide for themselves when is the right point for HT. My brother did his with just NW3 when he was in his mid 30s. I would say I'm NW3 as well now but for me it is still a bit too scary to do it because of possible error and complications. Just decide for yourself.

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