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    Though I rarely write, I feel I must chime in on this as well, for whatever it is worth. What has been bothering me most about the threads on this patient is that there is such viciousness, not on the part of the patient, but from the other posters who write who have given their thoughts on other sites. I feel bad that a patient would have to be subjected to such anger. I can certainly understand why this patient may not be pleased with his outcome, but why the hostility and abrasiveness from everyone? Who wins from that? Certainly not the patient. I think people think they are punishing the doctor by saying those things, but I think they are hurting the patient. I am jaw dropped when i read people use the term "Disfigured" to describe this patient. If this was me, I'd be so hurt by reading that. I don't think k10 is disfigured at all. I do hope you find peace and a resolution.
    Well said Lola!

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    My before and after pic from Dr. Bauman. This is before I had any HTs until a year after my 3rd HT, around 5400 grafts.
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