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    Quote Originally Posted by Janna View Post

    This patient had his first session in 2003 and then another in 2005 for total of 4418 fu's/9573 hairs.

    We separate our grafts into four piles for each individual size grafts. Our blades are then custom cut to fit the corresponding size graft so that the incisions are proper size. Generally, the follicular units are grouped in either 1, 2, 3, or 4 hairs. We keep the intact fu's as they occur in nature as much as possible.

    Our average session sizes are 2500-3500 grafts in one session. We've gone higher if patient's donor characteristics meets our criteria and their hairloss is significant enough to make it appropriate.

    2003 session:

    1's - 361

    2's- 1221

    3's - 667

    4's - 91 --------Total 2340gr/5168 hairs

    2005 session:

    1's - 469

    2's- 1111

    3's - 362

    4's - 42

    Double's 92 --------------Total 2076gr/4405 hairs
    Hi I am currently looking into transplants since MINoX does not work and fin gave Me awful sides (still suffering like 4 months off). This is about where my hair is and his results are amazing but can I
    1) ask his costs for this as I am not independently wealthy
    2) ask what the chances of his hair further receding around the transplants
    3) was any body to scalp
    4) will this max out his donor hair for future recession
    5) his age as I'm 33 now

    I am sorry if you have answered these previously but I have talked to about 3 surgeons and I am not impressed with their before and after pics and honestly feel most would say anything to get my money


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