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    Ill start this topic by sating my current condition :
    Im 27 I have mpb no doubt it comes from my bald father but its really mild since my mohers side is 100% no baldness .
    I still have a lot of hair im nw1 but my hair aint the same since its thinning in the middle and receding on the left front .
    Now for prevention ive started indian finasteride every other day since april then added nizoral once a week and now I use boiled ginger water two times a week ... to be frank I still hvnt seen any real improvemt since my hair still falls off when I pull it specially in the middle but I noticed that the shedding varies from shampoo to another .... anyway I would like ur opinon concerning my prevention pack ia it right wrong effective ? And what s the best normal shampoo to use with hair for us with hair loss? Thank u

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