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    Posting update now...

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    Default UPDATE*** After 3 sessions...

    After 3 sessions - thrilled with the results!!!!
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    A video review relating my experience...

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    Looks great man. Nice to know there's another good smp place in the US.

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    I live in New York City-- I really, in my own mind, consider myself the " poster boy" for baldness since I started losing scalp hair at 15 years of age------
    I have had hair transplants( unsuccessful)--
    I have had the best hairpieces( too much maintenance & very, very expensive)--
    hair weaving ( they tied a wig to my head)
    and scalp reductions( did nothing to help me)
    I was living with a hat my whole life and psychologically destroyed any confidence my whole life------ By accident- I found something called SMP-- did not know what it was-- I did research and my whole life was about to change------
    I had a Scalp Micropigmentation procedure
    performed ( actually 4 separate treatments a few weeks apart)-----Two years ago!!!!
    Honestly-- my life has changed dramatically!!!!!!!
    I don't know the rules on the forum about mentioning a company or a doctor name???
    I had the procedure performed in New York City at an office called NuScalpNY--
    It is owned by a Board Certified doctor--
    Dr Arthur Freiberg-- He performs all the procedures himself and he is a true artist--
    He literally changed my life!!!!
    I no longer wear a hat!!!!
    I literally got my confidence and self- worth back which eluded me my entire life!!!!
    I have a different walk and talk-- actually could say that I got my " swagger" back!!!!
    I am such a "happy camper" that I plan on calling some of the networks in NYC to praise this man and his company!!!!
    I am not paid by him or his company to say a darn thing--- but I bless him for giving me back my life!!!!--- and my 3D Scalp Micropigmentation looks better and more lifelike than the horrible transplants that I wound up spending over $74,000 during my lifetime!!!
    My hairpieces were considered so good and only lasted 1 1/2 years for each and always needed to buy 2 at a time because when one went to be cleaned-- I had to wear a mother hairpiece-- Therefore- every 1 1/2 years I was spending $6,000 plus constant charges for maintenance each & every month!!!--- Talk about rip offs!!!!!
    Transplants did nothing to help me -- just gave me ultimately 8 horrible scars in back of my head-- which-- BTW -- my Dr. FREIBERG & NuScalpNY and micropigmentation made disappear!!!!!

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