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    I have been following SMP pretty heavy for about 6 or so months now. I think I remembered seeing a video about the process maybe 4-5 years ago though. I believe at the time I was still successfully using concealers so I didn't give the treatment a second thought back then. I had completely forgot that I even saw a video until today. I tried to search online for it but I can't find it anywhere.

    I have no idea what company published the video or much about it, but hopefully someone else out there remembers and can provide a link to it.

    I remember in the video there was two guys who got the treatment and they were both being interviewed (not the his video with the two twins who got the treatment, but a different one) At one point in the interview they were asked what they say to people who ask why they shave their heads.. one of the guys replied by saying "we tell people that we're olympic swimmers". Also, I think, at one point in the video they were shooting pool with a few girls or something like that.

    That's all I remember about the video. I'm curious to see it again though. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Not sure if the video was removed from online or I just can't find it anymore. Any help would be appreciated.

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