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    Question Can your feel it on your head? What about sweat?!

    Hey guys I am a girl but it seems that the women forum here is kinda dead, so I came here haha

    I recently posted a thread asking your opinion about a girl using a hair system. Now I am almost certain I will have to go into that route cause I feel that I will never feel comfortable with the way my hair looks.

    I know my question will sound dumb but it is my biggest concern.. do you actually FORGET the system is on your head? Doesn't it feel hot at all? I mean, do you sweat the same as before having your system on or do you feel you sweat more (even a little bit)? I am really worried about it cause I love going to the gym or doing sports but I sweat A LOT from my head and scalp. And when I say "a lot", I really mean it. I am now living in Australia and the summer here gets awful sometimes.
    I don't want something that will make my sweating worse or that I will have to bother about when it is hot (especially cause I am planing to get a full cap)
    Also, when you sweat, what actually happens? Does it come out through the system?

    Thank you

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    would like to know the answer to this!

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    you feel a system as much as you feel wearing underpants.

    the sweat manages to find a way out and down your head just as if you didnt wear; I expect steam evaporates for any heat given off from the head.

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