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    When you are balding or bald you are often operating at a disadvantage but it is not a show stopper and confidence can overcome it. That can be a chicken and an egg problem because hair loss hurts your confidence so you must stop that negative feedback loop. Fake it til you make it if you must. My hair loss used to stop me from success with women or at work, but now I hardly think about it, and consequently most women either don't care or if they do don't overthink it because I'm not. I can say for sure it does not effect my work. I would like to have more hair, but I can honestly say it's not to be more successful in relationships or at work. It's more like having a nice car or a boat to me these days. There was a time I was severely depressed about it but at least these days there's many options to deal with it.

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    I can offer no better advice than that already given by the honorable gentlemen. It's all about YOU and NOT your hair.

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