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    Hey guys I found some pics of Ashton kutcher with a massive hairline and those pics are all 10 years old. He said a long time ago he was using rogaine, but I was watching two and a half men and ten years later it looks better than ever. Fin/min doesn't work that long, does that mean he got plugs?

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    Just saw a video today. Him proclaiming hes been taking avodart since he was 25

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    As open as he is about his hair loss and taking Finasteride, I would suspect he'd be open about having a HT had he had one. His interview on Conan about his hair loss seemed very transparent.

    And while I understand that he's a very successful guy with money and fame and good looks, I found his attitude about potentially losing his hair to be quite refreshing in that it wasn't something he was particularly fearful of. I learned a lot about ways I can not take myself so seriously by seeing the way he's handling the possibility of losing his hair - and should my hair loss progress, I'll take some notes from him about how not to let it get me down.

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