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    Default Theracell news

    email from theracell company:

    Currently the project is in a pre-clinical phase which is estimated to be completed within the next twelve (12) months.

    Further news to be announced on our web site.

    Best Regards,

    Christina Ligoudistianou, Ph.D

    Scientific Director

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    I have some questions:

    When did this company get established? It has been up since 2013 at least. I am trying to figure out at what speed this company is working.

    Their 2014 balance sheet is written in Greek, I can't understand any of it, how is their position?

    And isn't limited what these guys can do compared to Replicel in Germany and Japan who are collaborating with Shiseido?

    Regardless, I guess we will have to wait a year before they do anything.

    Their "Vision" for their company is this:

    "To be recognized as one of the top regenerative biotechnology companies in the world by 2020."

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    Default This thread should be removed

    Its nit related to histogen.. its not supposed to bd here

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    He made another post identical to this one in the cutting edge as well.

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