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    I think you should know the reasons first. Maximum time I saw people were got panicked when they started hair loss. They do everything to get rid of it except they don't wanna know the reasons for their hair loss. They take advice from friends, colleagues even from an unknown person but they never felt the necessity of consulting with a dermatologist. They wast lots of bucks by buying worthless products but they are afraid of meeting with a doc. I highly recommend you to first consult with a doc then take recommendations from him. Thanks and wish you a good day.

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    Hello This is a common problem for hair loss almost every 2nd perosn on the earth i will suggest you do some yoga asanas and with 1 month you will definitely get improvement in your hair health ..

    The first thing you should do "Sirsasana (Headstand) -

    Second do Salmba Sirshasana (Supported Headstand) -

    Nest you must improve your eating habbit you must improve your body health - here is some detox juice for your body health click here.

    also Join Himalayan Yoga School in Rishikesh for yoga course.

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    I do not think so that this problem is due to the stress, there are many reasons for it like chemical usage, the colouring of the hair, and much more reason are also their visit to the hair transplant expert, he/she will give you the reason why it happens.

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    This is not problem. dont take stress and consult with doctor.

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    First of all you have very less age and there is no reason to take any stress, you are of just 18. So, keep your mind cool and from my point of view when you are interested just keep little smile on the face, take a deep breathe and think positive all the things have come in a positive way, now come to the point the hair loss of you is due to stress or also due to lack of calcium. First, consult to the doctor and then take the decision. My niece also suffers due to hair loss, but after consult to doctor she has lack of calcium she takes the medicine which doctor gave and the period of 3 months continuously take the medicine now her hair loss also stop and grow new hairs. You can take the provillus after consult to the doctor.

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