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    Default What's happened to HSC?

    Any updates on Histogen at all? Do docs think this is going to be effective?

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    bump. no one commented?

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    Histogen’s Hair Stimulating Complex or HSC uses growth factors and Wnt proteins to stimulate stem cells to grow new hair. However, it is still under investigation and it may take some time before it is going to available to general public due to clearance procedure from FDA on its safety profile. Histogen provides updates on their website. They are somewhere in phase 3 of trials now. But wouldn’t you think it will be too costly to try it out?

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    no they are not in phase III

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    In May 2015, Histogen opened an $18M Series D financing round. This round will provide capital for development of its HSC program, including a US Phase I clinical trial in female diffuse hair loss patients and a late-stage HSC trial in male pattern hair loss, expand its manufacturing capability, other corporate purposes and to support preparation for an initial public offering (IPO).

    good news i guess!

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