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    Quote Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
    So finally took the plunge. Been trimming my hair with a trimming machine for about 4 years now. Each year I've been going down one grade. Being a diffuse thinner without recession and not taking any medicine, I felt my hair getting thinner and currently I was already down to the lowest grade. Have a week off from work so figured I might as well take that step pretty much every balding guy fears and has nightmares of since that first bald spot/recession.

    Honestly I do not like how it looks and it feels pretty weird (imagine a naked cat), but I am pretty happy I took the courage to take the step. I do need to get a tan and add a bit more muscle if I want to (somewhat) pull it off in the future.

    (never mind the surrounding btw. Pic's taken on my younger brother's room. Oyeah don't mind the weird face. I'm not a creep... just awkward like that)

    You look good, and pull it off well. Congrats.

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    I saw your pictures from a few years ago and combined with the way you described the itchiness, made me realize that is exactly what I am going through now.

    You look good shaven but I wonder if you went to the doctor back then and what he said about your type of hair loss?

    Sorry if I I seem rude I'm just happy I found someone that had what I have now, it felt so weird being the only one I know with this type of diffuse thinning. I would love to know if you got any insight from professionals.

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    Excuse me double post by accident.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WHTC Clinic View Post
    Wear it just like you are right now. If necessary, there are some cosmetic applications that will help balance the contrast in pigmentation between the back and top.
    What cosmetic applications is this?

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    I think the bald look works well with you. You have good facial aesthetics, so that's a plus too. You should actually consider yourself lucky on that end of things.

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