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    Hi guys,

    I have been meaning to post this for a while now but not managed to get round to it. Having used this forum a lot in my time of need I guess telling my story is my way of giving something back and if it helps anyone out there so much the better. This may be a bit long so please bear with me.

    The first time I realised the dreaded reality that I was going bald was when friends and family started to point it out to me. My first reaction was of course that of anxiety and denial. I must have asked pretty much everyone I knew if they thought I was going or not and visited countless hairdressers, hair specialists etc in a desperate attempt to reassure myself. It was a pretty tough time if I'm honest and I started to get a real obsession with my hairline. I started checking daily and thought about pretty much nothing else. It grew to the point that my life was my hair and I started to get really depressed. This lasted for a while with its ups and downs but finally I had to face the facts, I was going bald and something needed to be done about it.

    I finally decided that enough was enough and visited a dermatologist who prescribed me propecia and Minodix. In my opinion this was the best way forward as I was willing to do pretty much anything to save my hair and thus my youthful looks. Along side this treatments I also visited countless clinics all offering the miracle solution to hair loss. I lost a lot of money during that time to these places for no results what so ever. I can not stress this enough! Be careful! There are companies out there who's sole purpose is to prey on those desperate enough to spend a fortune to try and save their hair! My best advice is to stick only to medically proven treatments.

    Anyway I decided to stick with Propecia and Minidix and hope for the best. Then came the dreaded shedding. I think this was the lowest point for me and if I'm honest it pretty much ruined my life at that point. It got to the point where I no longer wanted to go outside I was so worried about what other people would think. People who are not affected by hair loss can not really understand what an impact it can have on someone's life and how out of control and out of proportion it can really get. I remember spending hours infont of the mirror checking and rechecking and of course trawling through every website imaginable. I was most certainly severely depressed and all that because of some hair people would say.

    Today? Things are much better for me. The shedding has stopped and my hairline has stabilized somewhat. Whether that is due to the drugs or not I am not sure but I am not willing to take any chances. But I guess the most important thing I managed to realize is that loosing your hair is not the end of the world and if it really does affect you that much then be proactive about it. Preempt as much as you can! Stay strong and focuss on bettering yourself as a person whether that be hitting the gym (helped me a lot), doing a sport, learning new stuff etc. I guess try to make the hair not matter anymore!

    Acceptance is also key to the process and once you do and start doing something about it then you will be able to move on more rapidly. If you do feel that you want to try something then speak to a medical professional and not some hair witch doctor. Of course the best possible solution is just to forget about it and go for the Bruce Willis look but that's not for everyone.

    That's pretty much it from me, I hope this will help someone is some way and the best of luck to everyone.

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    Hey man, welcome to the forum! This is a great community of people. I started going through this about a year ago and like yourself, it is a devastating, emotionally draining journey. I believe there are A LOT of people, whether on this forum or not, that mirror all of the emotions, pain and insecurity you express in your post. Your attitude it dead on. I trapped myself alone with my rapid hair loss and the issue became more and more significant. It started eating away at my soul. As soon as I started working more, working out more, spending time with my friends, playing music, etc... it took a bit of the focus off of it and I started to feel a little better. Today, it's still constantly on my mind. I have to wash my hair, comb it a specific way and cover it in hairspray to even leave the house. I still hate it. But at least now I am on Fin (2 months) and I am living my life. Stay positive bro. Do whatever you can within reason and don't forget, your still alive and healthy with or without your hair. Also, all the people that truly loved you, will not stop because you look different. THAT'S the truth!

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