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    Hey Guys, can anyone give me an estimate on how much it would cost with Dr.koray for 1500 gratfs.

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    Any updates regarding how your procedure went? Photos? It seems that Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular and high demand solution for procedures.

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    Those are the only two I have consistently seen amazing results from so guess you can't go wrong. No matter the cost those are the only two I would trust with HT, the only other being Dr. Diep who has a you tube channel that will blow your mind. Anyways good luck I think Erdogan might be my choice between those two but I would go to Dr. Diep on CA before either of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeTillman View Post
    There are more than two physicians in Turkey that perform 100% of extractions and incisions for every procedure. Dr. Karadeniz is one of them. From what I've learned there are about five doctors in total that do 100% of extractions and incisions.


    At eight months things can still improve. Are you in contact with Dr. Doganay's clinic? I'm sure they'll look after you if there are any challenges remaining. From what I hear, Dr. Doganay is a kind man and will have no problem helping to get you where you want to be.
    Hey Joe.
    Who are the others in Turkey who do all extraction and insisions? Most there tend to do only the insisions including dr erdogan whom i am very close to booking with.

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